Saturday School Program

Berendo has implemented a Saturday School program since 1997. The original program began with approximately 120 students studying math.  During the last nine years, the program at Berendo has grown.  For instance, the current average daily Saturday School attendance at Berendo is 689, and last year 312 sixth graders, 149 seventh graders, and 130 eight graders completed at least 50 hours of Saturday School instruction.

The program has some unique features. Most students receive instruction in a two hour format, receiving both math and English. Math and literacy coaches design most of the curriculum in use on Saturdays. These same coaches lead the instruction on Saturdays though AM focus meetings held just prior to the day’s instruction. All Grade 6 students participate in Challenge Teams – class to class, fun cooperative learning competitions which meet in the library on a regular basis. UCLA college students tutor Algebra for Grade 8 students in academic risk. Computer based math-science courses are available for Grade 8 students who are also in academic risk. Compass Learning literacy and math software is also used for Grade 7 students. Introductory ESL course work is also available for pre-speech emergent EL students.

Attendance Data – Session II (most recent)

Achievement Data (last year’s students)
Average net gains calculated by comparing year-over-year matched scores for each student on the California Standards Test (CST). Grade 6: Required Learning Academy students, comparisons FBB through Basic. Grade 7: Extended Learning Academy students, comparisons of FBB through Advanced.

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