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With the enthusiasm and hard work from teachers, Berendo has implemented university level online classes similar California State University of Los Angeles and other colleges and university nation and world wide.  Our students have successfully utilize this system to even become more successful in their education six years before attending university by not only working at Berendo, but also at home or anywhere they have Internet access.

Berendo provides updated and innovated ideas in technology using tablets, laptops, desktops, software and hardware.  With teachers who have taught for 18 years in the subjects of Computer Science, Math, Spanish and Technology, Berendo Middle School have access to curriculum for UCLA for Exploring Computer Science, a nation wide program.  Computer Science Teacher Association provides tools for our students to have a chance to make a different for Berendo students.   He worked for USC High School STEM program by Level Playing Field Institute(LPFI)  teaching Computer Science and also creating networks for our students.  Mr. Palomares is located in the in room G201 and is always available to teachers and students when it comes to technology.

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Media Services
Media Services is a source for Internet based programs as well as a place to order physical media (such as CDs, DVDs, or VHS) to be delivered to the school site. You can browse the catalog as a guest but need a user name and password to order items (see Emad Elias for a user name). Once you’ve signed in, search for an item of interest and notice the tabs on the top of the page to help your navigation.

California Streaming 
California Streaming is an Internet resource for Audio, Video, Images, Print Resources, and Podcasts. Many of the items can be downloaded. This site also has lesson plans, assignments, and assessments. Search as a non member; but to get the resource you will need a user name and password (see Emad Elias for a user name).

Futures Channel
More digital video stuff especially for IMaST teachers.

Click here to access IMaST tie-in to standards

Explore Learning
This site is “Gizmo Central” for all you Gizmo lovers.

What is a Gizmo?
1: Interactive simulation that makes key concepts easier to understand and fun to learn.
2: A mechanical device or part whose name is forgotten or unknown; a gadget.

What Makes a Gizmo a Gizmo?

frogs from the mean, median, mode Gizmo.

  • Brings research-proven instructional strategies to life
  • Targets higher-order thinking skills and lasting conceptual understanding.
  • Correlates to state and national standards.
  • Works easily with all major textbooks.
  • Includes assessment and real-time reporting.
  • Web-delivered and successful in many settings, e.g., instructor-led demonstrations, individual or group work in computer labs, library, or from home.
  • Easy to use – requires no special training.

Why Do We Call Them Gizmos?

We call them Gizmos because virtual manipulatives is too difficult to say! All kidding aside, the use of the word Gizmo to describe our multimedia activities goes back to the origins of ExploreLearning. Dr. Raman Pfaff first coined the term “gizmo” to describe the new learning tool he created while he was a graduate student in nuclear physics. When Dr. Pfaff joined ExploreLearning Team (employee number 2), the name Gizmos came with him and it stuck. We like the name Gizmo because not only does it sound fun, which the Gizmos are, but also because it implies that the Gizmo is a piece in a larger machine, if you will, the machine being the whole of the teaching and learning process of which a Gizmo is one part.

The LACOE (Los Angeles County Office of Education) home page offers a number of links to resources already listed here. The menu on the left hand side has helpful shortcuts.

Tools and software to support the use of the SMART Board. SMART Board interactive whiteboard engages students and audiences around the world. The touch-sensitive display connects to your computer and digital projector to show your computer image. You can then control computer applications directly from the display, write notes in digital ink and save your work to share later.

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