Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

What does it take to be eligible?
•    Eligibility for culmination is determined by the third report card of the Spring Semester
•    Receiving an eighth grade certificate is determined by your grades for the Fall and Spring Semester
•    An overall 2.0 GPA
•    No failing grades (F’s)
•    A “C” or better in Algebra and English
•    No more than 2 U’s
•    Five (5) absences or less

How do I earn Eighth Grade Certificate?
•    To earn an eighth grade certificate, you must have 55 credits
•    That means that you cannot have more than one Failing (F) grade for the ENTIRE YEAR!
•    If you earned two F’s or more during Fall Semester, you will not receive a certificate
•    If you earned two or more F’s including Fall Semester and Spring Semester, you will not receive a certificate
•    If you are eligible for spring semester, you can participate in the culmination ceremony, even if you do not receive a certificate

Where do I go if I need help!
•    Ask your Teacher what you can do to improve your grades
•    Follow your teacher’s suggestions
•    See your counselor if you need more help
•    June ______ are the days eligible students will pay $15.00 for class dues and/or $16.00 for the graduation gown.  All fees are non-refundable
•    Eligible students must take care of class dues, library fees, text book fees, and attendance issues,  and other fees prior to participating in the Culmination Ceremony

When can I talk to the class sponsors?
•    ONLY AFTER I have  talked to my teachers, counselors, and parents
•    ONLY during Homeroom and Nutrition, and you must have a written pass from your Homeroom teacher
•    Your Track Sponsor can not change a grade, or speak on your behalf to a teacher or counselor.  Do not talk to your 8th grade sponsor about grades!

Can I improve my grades?
•    Attend Intersession and Saturday School
•    Attend before and after school tutoring
•    Schedule an appointment to see your counselor
•    If your teacher approves, you can make up all of your missing work
•    If your grade improves, your teacher can change your grade in the Counseling Office
•    Grades are not gifts that are given.  YOU earn your grades

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