Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution is a leadership class. The first semester presents communication skills under the guise of conflict resolution skills and mediation training. The second semester the students learn leadership, become acquainted with the world’s great leaders (particularly those who promote non-violence) and complete the year by performing a leadership project in their community.

Conflict Resolution Curriculum/ Key Concepts

  • World Leaders in Peace
  • The Non-violence Movement
  • The Civil Rights Movement
  • Causes of conflict*
  • Mediation training
    • Active listening skills
    • Understanding body language
    • Neutrality
    • Confidentiality
    • Life Stances
    • Anger Management
    • Conflict Escalation
    • Cooling down techniques
    • Conversation enhancers
    • Conversation stoppers
    • Making I messages
    • The mediation process
  • Diversity: Understanding and appreciating differences
    • Stereotyping
    • Prejudice
    • Scapegoating
    • Discrimination
    • Teasing/Bullying
  • *Differences as a source of conflict
    • Race
    • Culture
    • Religion
    • Age
    • Body image
    • Gender
    • Sexual Orientation
  • Leadership skills
  • Community leadership project

Students if you are interested in this class, please contact Ms. Jill Ramhormozi.

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